Thursday, June 23, 2011

New, new, everything is new.. :]

Life has been good. We finally got a red couch cover for the living room. It ties in perfectly with the wall decal, which finally came in. It was super easy to put up, and looks fabulous. Looks more like paint on the wall than a sticker. Voila:

My corset got here yesterday. I got it off Ebay for only $30. I'd like to get the same one in black as well. I'd love to wear it for the right shoot, but haven't had too much luck in that department. Can't you just see it in a pretty fairytale-esque setting?

 Beautiful, isn't it? :D

Speaking of photoshoots, I did one this past Monday. It went very well. We chose a bondage theme, with lots of black and red to match my new hair color.

NSFW, but whatevs. You shouldn't be on the internet at work anyways. ;)

And just for silliness:

I'm pretty pleased with how they turned out. :]