Sunday, November 13, 2011

Swan Lake

I've received some of my solo shots from my Swan Lake shoot with EdwinR Photography. I've been dying to see these, and they may very well be my favorite shots I've ever taken. I cannot express how much I completely love & adore these. The dramatic lighting just makes them. :) <3

Also, I started a tumblr today- feel free to follow me!

Friday, November 11, 2011

Reddishness, Thrifting, Modeling..

I shot with the Edwins again. I had a Swan Lake concept I was dying to shoot, and they were gracious enough to bring it to life for me. I haven't seen the pics yet, but I'm on the edge of my seat with excitement waiting for them. The socked images above are just some silly, cute shots we did while waiting on Dessie to arrive from another job. I'm pretty pleased with them. They captured the light, playful mood we were in.

I've said it before- I'm in love with thrift stores. I've been compiling the most fabulous fall wardrobe over the past week. We're hitting up Thrift City USA today to see what goodies they've got. I'll probably end up posting a bunch of looks here just to be a little show-off. Yesterday, I found the whole Gossip Girl book series for a dollar apiece. (Secret guilty indulgence, mmm!) I read like a fiend- I'm already on Book 4. :P

Tomorrow I'll be shooting with Marc of MMP Studios again. I've worked with him more than any other photographer. He's always got such great advice; I feel like I'm learning just as much as I'm working when I'm over there. Its been really cold the last couple days here.. can't wait to hop in a nice heated pool. ;)